Mish, The Early Years

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Of course, long before anyone ever thought of calling me "Mish" there were the early years...

I was dragged, with much protest, from a very warm and comfortable place (it must be mentioned that I had absolutely no say whatsoever in this) on a bright day at the end of the summer of 1968.  To those with any interest in astrology my specifics are available here.

Communal living in Vermont not being quite what the parental units had in mind, I was soon transferred to Denver, Colorado where I spent the next couple of years programming my body to, like, do what I wanted it to (it really sucks to not be able to turn over without help).

Following the success of my programming efforts I, much to my parents' annoyance, became incredibly mobile.  This enabled me to supplement my usual fare of inane monosyllabic recitals ("See the white bunny?") with more exciting experimental data ("What happens when I stick this fork in those funny holes in the wall?").  Needless to say, my experimental leanings were, once discovered, quickly suppressed by the powers that be.  Deprived of this source of intellectual stimulation, I was forced to wait and gather my resources in preparation for The Still Early, but not as Early Years.