Pictures from the Early Years...

Pictures from the Middle Years...

Pictures from Italy

Pictures from 2003 New Years'

Pictures from Matt's Bachelor Party

Pictures from our vacation to Maui December 2003

Pictures from Tom and Kim's Wedding

Pictures from Jackie any My Wedding

The Kitty!

Jackie, the love of my life and my best friend


me, Chris, Nick and Paul


Jackie and me in San Francisco



New Year's 2002 with Barclay and Jess


New Year's 2002

at Law School Prom...

At the National Debutante Cotillion and Thanksgiving Ball

At the Antebellum Ball



At the rehearsal dinner for my brother Matt's wedding...

Panoramic shot from Grand Canyon trip (click on for full's about 3Mb)

ledge I took the shot's only about 500ft down to the next ledge from there. (talk about vertigo when the hailstorm started and I was out there!)